The 'Agile Approach' simplified Project Management and we simplified Agile. Complete with attachments, quckly enter stories into the Backlog. Organized those stories into Big Ideas. Move an entire big idea into a planning sprint OR drag and drop one story at a time.

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Don't wait until the next stand-up, instantly know how the sprint is going like: percentage of points closed versus percentage of time remaining, stories in progress, stories on hold, stories complete. All information is real-time and immediately available.

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Meetings suck your time and are often unnecessary. Team members and stakeholders need to be aware of stories based on their relationship to the story. Story sponsors, resources, and sprint managers can customize exactly how they are notified and when.

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Big Ideas

The next killer feature will start out as someone's big idea. Capturing Big Ideas should be an organic process. Getting the related stories into a sprint should be just a click of a button. Reporting on its progress should be automatic. Dreaming can be fun again.

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'Backlog' is synonymous with black hole: It is where stories go to die! GetQed saves stories from death by making easy to identify sponsors, attach to a big ideas, drag and drop into sprints and search by every attribute from every page! Stories need not be every lost again!

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Work Space

Drag a story into the 'Work Area' and time is tracked, statuses are set, resources are assigned, and checks-ins are automatically associated with the ticket. Done? Drag ticket to the next workflow step - notifications are sent, statuses are changed... Work is Simple!

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